Become a FunCation Academy Brand Ambassador! 

What is a FunCation Academy Brand Ambassador? 

A FunCation Academy Brand Ambassador is someone who shares their personal and authentic FunCation Academy experience with other homeschoolers in various homeschool Facebook Groups. 

Who can become a FunCation Academy Brand Ambassador? 

Any current member who actively participates in using our curriculum, the Learning Center, Coaching Sessions, FunClubs, student activities, or Showbie are encouraged to apply. 

How does the Brand Ambassador program work? 

As a Brand Ambassador, your goal is to share your FA experience with homeschoolers who are asking for recommendations via their FB Group post. 

1. You can only leave a comment to a relevant group post. You cannot start a post in any FB Groups promoting FA.


2. The original post MUST BE relevant. A relevant post shows a clear reason why someone would benefit from FA. 


3. You cannot spam a FB group. You can only leave up to 2 comments in one group a day. 


4. You MUST share your FA experience in the context to the original poster's comments. You cannot just mention FA in the comment. 


5. You must tag FA in your comment. 

6. We will pay you $5 for every qualified mention. You must have a  minimum of 5 mentions to begin earning your compensation, and you can not exceed 150 mentions a month.


7. All compensation will be paid out on the 15th of each month. 



** This is a 1099- Independent Contractor position