Countries Around the World  Activity I-III

(Earning potential of $25 FunBucks with 3 available activities) 

                Earn FunBucks for each submitted activity.

I. Mexico: Let's Learn
Introduction: In this activity, you will learn about Mexico and its magnificent culture.
  1. Watch the video to learn about Mexico and it's history
  2. It's now time to get creative. Create your very own presentation about Mexican culture. You can choose to speak about any aspect of Mexican culture (ex: Mayan, Aztec, government, traditions, arts, wars, etc.)
  3. Your presentation can be done virtually or orally, you decide. It must include a clear and concise topic and highlight important aspects of your topic.
  4. Make sure to also include pictures as well as written information about your topic in your presentation.
  5. Be super creative! Remember we don't know anything about Mexico, so you need to teach us about it.
Submit the completed activity and
earn $5 FunBucks.
Extra bonus: Do some research on Mexican craft and/or art and recreate your very own authentic Mexican arts and crafts. You can use any material available to you. Be super creative!
(helpful videos can be found on YouTube)
Submit the extra bonus activity and
earn an extra $5 FunBucks.
II. Japan: Folk Legends
Introduction: In this activity, you will learn about Japan and it's Japanese folk legends.
  1. Watch the video as an introduction to Japanese culture.
  2. Now it's time to do some research. Find a Japanese folk legend that you like. If you have never read one, do some research and find one that grabs your attention. 
  3. Read the legend.
  4. Now it's time for show and tell. Create a show and tell presentation about the folk legend you have chosen. The presentation can be on power point, in collage form, on a presentation board, etc. 
  5. In your presentation, you must clearly tell us about the story you read. Explain the message of the folk legend, why do you believe this folk legend was created, what is the true meaning behind it. 
  6. In your presentation you can include drawings of characters, cutouts, you name it. It is your presentation so be super creative!
                                    Submit your completed activity and  
                            Earn $7 FunBucks                           

Challenge: Make a video recording or your presentation showing us your collage and or explaining your powerpoint. Explain what you have learned and present it to us as if we have never heard of Indian Temples. Your video must be 2-3 minutes long.


 submit your video and earn an extra $3 FunBucks

III. India: The Temple


Introduction: In this activity, you will learn about India and its magnificent temples. 



  1. Do your own research of a Hindu Temple and make a presentation. Your presentation can be using Powerpoint and or doing a collage which must be more than 20x20 in size. It must have pictures of the temple you have chosen, clearly show the name and 20 important facts about the temple.

  2. All important facts about the temple must first be typed (not handwritten), cut-out and pasted on to the collage.

  3. Your powerpoint or collage presentation must be clear and concise about the information being presented.

  4. Be super creative!          


                  submit your presentation and earn $5 FunBucks