Amazingly Nutritious Activity I-VI

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                                I. Power Up Your Breakfast
 This online educational game teaches you how to eat a healthy breakfast from all five food groups. You will build a healthy breakfast by selecting foods from a virtual kitchen to put on your breakfast plate. 
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II. My Breakfast Moves
Introduction: In this activity you will learn about the importance of a healthy breakfast and create a dance about how your favorite healthy breakfast makes you feel. This activity can be done with multiple students.
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Steps:​ Click below for further instructions.

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III. My Very Own Healthy Pizza

Introduction: In this activity you will learn about the history and nutrition of pizza  through an interactive online activity. You will then get the chance to create your own pizza recipe online, print it, and get cooking. With this activity you will learn to make better choices when preparing your meals.




  1. ​First, interact with the website by reading over the pizza history information and the pizza nutrition information(parents can also teach the material to make it a lesson and more interactive).

  2. Then create your pizza recipe and print it (remember to choose healthy toppings).

  3. Now its time to actually create your healthy pizza in your kitchen.

  4. You can use the pizza video as a guide.

  5. Once you are done take a picture of your pizza creation and write 5 things you learned.

Adaptation for younger students (K-2nd): 

  1. Instead of the students reading the information on the website, the teacher can teach to them about the history of pizza, and the importance of nutrition using the information on the website.

  2. Explain to the student that its important to make good healthy choices even while eating pizza.

  3. Guide the student in creating their healthy pizza recipe, and print it (If the student wants to pick unhealthy toppings, guide them to pick better choices).

  4. Now its time to actually create your healthy pizza in your kitchen.

  5. Once you are done take a picture of your pizza creation and have the student write 2 things they learned. 

IV. Supermarket Scavenger Hunt
This fun activity will help familiarize you with the different product forms fruits and veggies come in. You will also become  familiar with the supermarkets mom and dad shop in and how each store is organized by product type. Once you have done your scavenger hunt, submit the answers to the questions and a picture of  the scavenger hunt cards you created to earn FunBucks. Students in K-1st respond to beginners questions, 2nd-3rd respond to intermediate questions, 4th-5th respond to advanced questions.

Submit you answers and a picture of your scavenger hunt cards and

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V. The Fruit and Veggie Math Game
In this fun fruit and veggie themed math game you will get to practice your math skills. At the end of the game print out  the activity page and complete it to earn FunBucks.
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Earn $3 FunBucks.

      Video for older     elementary students

Video for younger elementary students
VI. My Food Group Collage
Introduction: Keeping a healthy and balanced diet is very important to keep us energized. Learn about the food groups and create your very own food group collage.
Food Groups (link)
Food Pyramid (link)
  1. Watch your grade appropriate video.
  2. After watching the video review with your teacher the different food groups, and the food pyramid (teacher notes-write them on a board where the student can see them and refer to them while doing their collage).
  3. Then cut-out food magazine pictures to create your very own food group collage. 
  4. Be super creative! 
                        Submit a picture of your collage and
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Add a challenge: After learning about the different food groups and creating your collage, create your very own balanced meal (this is an actual meal). It can be breakfast, lunch , or dinner, you decide. Make sure your meal includes an item from each food group. Finally, enjoy your meal
                    Submit a picture of your balanced meal and 
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