Countries Around the World  Activity I-VI

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Facts about Australia

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I. Australia: The Didgeridoo
Introduction: In this activity, you will learn about Australia and its Aboriginal culture by creating arts an crafts.
  • paper tube (wrapping paper, paper towel or multiple TP rolls)

  • white paper

  • crayons

  • transparent tape



  1. Watch the facts about Australia video for a quick introduction.

  2. Open the PowerPoint attachment below and use it as a lesson guide to teach/learn about Australia and it's culture.

  3. Once you are done, have the student watch the second video of the Didgeridoo.

  4. Finally, it's time to get creative. Have the student create their own Didgeridoo craft.

  5. Click on the attachment below and be super creative! 

Didgeridoo Video

II. Egypt: The Pharoah's Mask
Introduction:  In this activity, you will learn about Egypt and it's magnificent culture by doing a fun craft activity.
Steps: Watch the video to learn some fun facts about Egypt, then click on the attachment below to work on your fun craft activity.

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III. Greece: The Myth
Introduction: In this activity,  you will learn about the Ancient Greek culture. The Ancient Greek believed a lot in Myths, traditional or legendary stories that teach a message. It is now your chance to create a Myth just like the Greek.


  1. Watch the video to learn some fun facts about Ancient Greece.

  2. Then research on the internet to find a Greek Myth story. There are many different stories, pick the one that you like best ( Here is a link where you can find some myths to read, or you can find your own).

  3. Read your chosen story to have an idea of how myths are written.

  4. Now it's time to get creative. Create a Myth just like the one created by the Ancient Greek people. While creating your myth remember that myths are traditional or legendary stories that teach a message.

  5. Be super creative!

  6. Submit your written story along with a short paragraph explaining what is the message in your story( there is no length requirement for your story, but it must clearly show it's message.

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IV. Mexico: The Mayas
Introduction: In this activity, you will learn about Mexico's magnificent Mayan culture.
  • Paper, cardboard, crayons, boxes, etc.( you can use anything and everything)
  1. Watch the video to learn about the Mayas and their magnificent pyramids (we have attached a pdf with extra information about the Maya).
  2. It's now time to get creative. Create your own 3D Mayan Pyramid. You can use any material available to you to create your very own pyramid.
  3. If you need some guidance on how to get started, Youtube has many videos from kids doing Mayan pyramid projects that you can use to help you get started.
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V. Japan: Geisha Paper Plate Craft
Introduction: In this activity, you will create your own Japanese Geisha mask. 
Steps: Click on the link below and follow the instructions provided.
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VI. India: The Temple

Introduction: Do some research on a Hindu Temple and make a collage. Your collage must have pictures of the temple, the name, and ten important facts about the temple. You can add more information about the temple if you would like. Be super creative!


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Challenge: Make a video recording or your presentation showing us your collage and explaining what you have learned.
Your video must be 2-3 minutes long.
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