Amazingly Nutritious Activity I-VI

Earning potential of $30 FunBucks with 6 available activities. 

         Earn FunBucks for each submitted activity.

                                I. Nutrition Label Word Search
Complete and Submit the Word Search and Earn $7 FunBucks!
You can use PDF Escape instead of printing the worksheet.
Click below to access the activity.
II. Crack the Secret Code!
Complete and submit the Secret Code worksheet and earn $2 FunBucks!
You can use PDF Escape instead of printing the worksheet.
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Submit your pizza picture along with your written activity and

earn $5 FunBucks

III. My Very Own Healthy Pizza

Introduction: In this activity you will learn about the history and nutrition of pizza  through an interactive online activity. You will then get the chance to create your own pizza recipe online, print it, and get cooking. With this activity you will learn to make better choices when preparing your meals.




  1. ​Interact with the website by reading over the pizza history information and the pizza nutrition information.

  2. Then create your pizza recipe and print it (remember to choose healthy toppings).

  3. Now its time to actually create your healthy pizza in your kitchen.

  4. You can use the pizza video as a guide.

  5. Once you are done take a picture of your pizza creation and write 5 things you learned.

IV. Supermarket Scavenger Hunt & Riddle
Complete this fun activity and earn $10 FunBucks!
Instructions: Solve each riddle and on the next trip to the supermarket, take a camera or smartphone and take a picture of the answer.
If you take a picture of the answer at home, you will only earn $5 FunBucks.
V. Food N Me!
This fun website will teach you about healthy eating with games, activities and fun recipes.
Add a challenge: Create your very own balanced meal (this is an actual meal). It can be breakfast, lunch , or dinner, you decide. Make sure your meal includes an item from each food group. Finally, enjoy your meal
Submit a picture of your Balanced Meal and earn $2 FunBucks!
VI. My Food Group Collage
Introduction: Keeping a healthy and balanced diet is very important to keep us energized. Learn about the food groups and create your very own food group collage.
Food Groups (link)
Food Pyramid (link)
  1. Watch the video.
  2. After watching the video cut-out food magazine pictures or grocery store ads and paste them on a large paper to create your very own food group collage. 
  3. Be super creative! 
Submit a picture of your collage and earn $4 FunBucks