Founding Fathers Activity I-VIII

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                                I. Treasure Trek Scavenger Hunt
 This is an online interactive scavenger hunt of Colonial Williamsburg. The student will look for different items of importance while exploring and learning about Williamsurg. Click below to access the activity.

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II. Writing Your Own Bill of Rights
Introduction:  Learn about the Bill of Rights and re-write history from your own perspective. Use any of the links below or your own materials to research about the Bill of Rights. You can visit the library, or search online for your information using any of the links we have provided below. View the videos we have provided as an introduction to the research or as a conclusion to reinforce what the student has learned.


  1. Investigate the Bill of Rights by watching the video we have provided, reading the material in the different links, or using your own material.

  2. Think about what the bill is missing. Is there anything you would like to see in it today?

  3. Write Your Own Bill of Rights. You can add anything at all you would like to see in the current bill.

  4. You can make it look like the current Bill of Rights, or you can modernize it to your liking. Be super creative!

Video of Glass Armonica

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Add a Challenge: Record your performance and submit it to us along with your written activity(the students face does not have to be visible in the video. You can record just the hands and the wine glasses).

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III. Benjamin Franklin's Glass Armonica...Can You Do It?
Introduction: Did you know that one of our founding fathers was also an inventor. Learn about Benjamin Franklin's Glass Armonica invention and then try it your self.



  1. Have the student watch the video on the left about Benjamin Franklin as an introduction.

  2. Prior to the lesson research on Ben Franklin and his inventions using any of the links we have provided above.

  3. Answer the following questions to teach the student:

  4. Who was he?

  5. When was he born?

  6. Why is he important?

  7. What jobs did he do through out his life?

  8. What were some of his inventions? (this will lead you to talking about the Glass Armonica)

  9. Show the Armonica video at the top of this activity.

  10. Tell the student a little bit about the Armonica (use the links at the top of this activity for research)

  11. Answer the following questions to teach the student:

  12. What is a Glass Armonica?

  13. What is the meaning of the word Armonica?

  14. You can teach as much or as little as you would like depending on your child's grade level.

  15. Now it's time to perform!

  16. Make your own Armonica following the instructions below.

  17. Have your child write four to five sentences about what they learned.

IV. Name the Founding Father Online Game
In this interactive game you will put your knowledge to the test as you try to identify various founding fathers based on clues from history.
V. In Memory of Our Founding Fathers Art Project
There are many ways people celebrate and honor the memory of our founding fathers. Many monuments, memorials, statues, parks, streets, and schools have been named after them.
It is now your chance to honor them. You will select one of the founding fathers, and create your own memorial. You may want to create a plaque, painting, sculpture, letters, poems, or even songs
(our premium resource Quaver Music can be used to compose any songs).
Be super creative! 
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Add a Challenge: Have a dedication ceremony and invite family and friends. Share your art project and explain why you chose this specific founding father, and share facts about his life.

VI. Explore All Things Hamiltonian

Did you know that Alexander Hamilton was homeschooled by his mother until age 12? 

That's right! He was a homeschool student just like you.


Visit this interactive website of Alexander Hamilton where you will get to learn about him and his life.


Take a virtual tour, examine actual letters he wrote, view his timeline, and even take your own Hamilton IQ quiz.

How to Use Google Maps Street View

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VII. The Search for George Washington
Introduction: There are many monuments, memorials, statues, cities, states, schools, parks, and streets in the United States that are named after George Washington. Find as many places as you can. That have been named after this founding father.
  1. You can research on the Internet and/or look at different maps.
  2. Write down you findings as follows:
  3. For each answer write the name of the monument, the city and state , and the specific location (Example: George Washington on Horseback at the Washington National Cathedral, in Washington, D.C ).
  4. Encourage your child to be as specific as possible.
  5. Search different cities and states
  6. Submit your list of answers with a minimum 10 total monuments found.
This is a great opportunity to learn about geography and develop map-reading skills. If you are familiar with Google Maps, you can use it to view the monuments. If you are unaware of how to use Google Maps, watch the tutorial video.

VIII. Design Your Own Bill Art Activity


Who would you like to see on a US bill.

Design your own bill by drawing, painting, cut and paste, or any other way you would like.


Design your own bill online by visiting the website below.

Submit your completed bill and earn $2 FunBucks