Women in History Activity I-V

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I. Sarah Boone
Introduction: Sarah Boone was an inventor. She is the woman that created the iron board. 
  • The video
  • Your own arts and crafts(paper, coloring pencils, crayolas, and markers)


1. First, watch the video provided.

2. Then, create your own invention- let's put our creative minds to work. You are now the inventor.

3. It can be anything. Maybe something that you need, something that you would like, anything at all.

4. Make a drawing of your invention and in 5-10 sentences tell us what it is, and how it works.

K-2nd grade students:

1. Watch the short video and color the activity below of Sarah Boone's iron board invention.

(Parents, you can review with the student some of the key elements that were mentioned in the video about Sarah Boone).

       Submit your activity and

earn $7 FunBucks

II. Eva Peron

Introduction:  Let's learn about this magnificent woman called Eva Peron also known as Evita. Eva Peron was the wife of Argentine president Juan Domingo Peron. She used her political position to fight for women's suffrage and to improve the lives of the poor.

  • Attachment below
  • Paper
  • Pencil


  1. First, watch the short video about Eva Peron.

  2. Read over the attachment below.

  3. Then, do a little more research on Eva and find out what American singer dedicated a song to her.

  4. Once you find who it was, search for the song on YouTube and listen to it. Now , lets put our creative minds into action.

  5. Create your own song highlighting things about Eva Peron just like the American singer did. 

  6. Be super creative. You can use the student resource available in the Hub, Quavar Music, to create your own music, but you must create the lyrics to the song as well and record yourself. 

  7. Or if you prefer, you can write a poem about Eva instead and submit your completed poem.

K-2nd grade students:

  1. Watch the video

  2. Teach the student about Evita. Use the attachment to the left to help you. 

  3. Then, do a little research on Eva and find out what American singer dedicated a song to her. Have the student listen to the song.

  4. Then ask the student to make a drawing (a picture representation of what they learned about Evita and how they see her).

  5. Then have them write 5 words that describe Evita.

Submit a picture of your completed project and

earn $5 FunBucks

III. Gabrielle Coco Chanel
Introduction:   Coco Chanel is one of the worlds best fashion designers. She changed the fashion industry by changing the way women clothed themselves and the way they were viewed in society. Now it's your opportunity to become a fashion designer and revolutionize the fashion industry.
  • Construction paper

  • Coloring pencils, crayolas, or markers

  • Ribbons, glitter, rhinestones, or any extra craft material you would like.


  1. Watch the video about Coco Chanel

  2. Then, create your own fashion doll body (you can use any material you would like). 

  3. Cut out your doll.

  4. Now, sketch out your very own outfit. It can be anything you want, a dress, pants, shirts, hats, shoes, etc. You decide.

  5. This is your opportunity to revolutionize the fashion industry so be super creative and show us the fashion designer in you.

  6. You can color your outfit, use glitter, ribbons, etc.

  7. Finally you will have to clothe your doll and submit a picture to us.

K-2nd grade students:

  1. Watch the video about Coco Chanel.

  2. If the activity above is to extensive for a younger child, then have the        student draw their doll with clothing and everything and submit the drawing.

   Submit your speech and  
  Earn $4 FunBucks.

Extra FunBucks: Record your speech and submit it to us, and Earn an extra $3 FunBucks

IV. Malala Yousafzai
Introduction: Malala Yousafzai is a leading spokesperson for human rights, education and women’s rights. Now it's your time to become a spokesperson and advocate for human rights, education and women rights.
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Attachment below
  1. Watch the video
  2. Read the attachment below.
  3. Write a 2 minute speech about why it is important to advocate for human rights, education, or women's rights. Choose only one of the three.
  4. Submit your written speech.
K-2nd grade students:
  1. Have them watch the video.
  2. Explain to the student what it is to be an advocate and spokesperson like Malala.
  3. Go over some of the key things said on the video about Malala (Parents can use the attachment for extra help).
  4. Then have a discussion with the student and ask them what would they like to be spokespersons for. It can be anything they want. 
  5. Finally have them write down what it is, and in a couple of words write why they want to be a spokesperson for that cause.
  6. Submit their writing for FunBucks.
  7. For Extra FunBucks have the student make a drawing representing their cause.

Submit your recording and

earn $6 FunBucks

V. Oprah Winfrey
Introduction:  Oprah Winfrey is an influential talk show host, author, philanthropist, actress and media personality. She has played a key role in modern American life, shaping cultural trends and promoting various liberal causes. It is now your turn to become a talk show host.
  • Attachment document

  • Paper

  • pencil

  • video recorder or audio recorder


  1. Watch the video

  2. Read the attached document about Oprah.

  3. You are now a talk show host. Create your own talk show stage at home.

  4. Find someone to interview. It can be anyone you want (a teacher, a friend, mom, dad, a doctor, etc), someone that has something fun, interesting, important or exciting that they can share.

  5. Create your own interview questions.

  6. Now its time to interview. Video record or audio record your interview and submit it to us. 

K-2nd grade students:

  1. For younger students have them watch the video

  2. Teach them about Oprah using the attached document.

  3. Then role play with them as if they were a talk show host. You can be the host first and then have them do the same.

  4. You can video record or audio record the student role playing and submit it.