First Ladies Activity I-V

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I. Jacqueline Kennedy
Introduction:  Jacqueline Kennedy was the wife of former president John F. Kennedy. She was a skilled writer, and fashion influencer. She revitalized the culture of the white house and became an icon to American woman.
  • Jacqueline Kennedy booklet attachment



  1. Read over the booklet about Jacqueline Kennedy and her life since she was  a young girl

  2. Complete the activities at the end of the booklet and submit it.


K-2nd grade students:

  1. Use the attachment provided to teach the student about Jacqueline Kennedy.

  2. Have them color in the map provided in the attachment. The student must color the countries that Jacqueline visited as stated in the booklet( you can use this time to go over some geography).

  3. Finally, review what they learned, and ask them to write five words that describe Jacqueline(the teacher can assist and help the students remember some of her traits or qualities)


(K-2nd grade students do not need to complete the last activity in the booklet)

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II. Nancy Reagan

Introduction:  Nancy Reagan was the wife of former president Ronald Reagan. As first lady she was on the front lines in the fight against drugs, and she helped start a campaign called Just Say No. In this activity you will learn about Nancy and campaign just like she did.

  • The video
  • Nancy's Bio
  • Arts and Crafts (paper, coloring pencils, construction paper, poster board, scissors, glue, etc)


  1. First, watch the video about Nancy.

  2. Read over the Nancy Bio attachment.

  3. Think about a campaign you would like to create.

  4. Think about what you would like to campaign about (Ex: it can be something that you would like to change in the world, something you would like to see more of). You decide. Once you know what it is then it's time to get creative.

  5. Create a campaign poster. Your poster must be 15x15 or larger.

  6. The poster must clearly demonstrate what you are campaigning for or against.

  7. Once you are done, write a small paragraph telling us why you chose to campaign for this cause.

K-2nd grade students:

  1. Have the student watch the video.

  2. Go over what they just saw in the video (parents can use the Nancy Bio attachment if needed to highlight important things).

  3. Explain to the student what it is to campaign (to speak up against a cause or for a cause).

  4. Tell them that Nancy Reagan would campaign for different causes while she was first lady. She helped create a campaign called " Just Say No".

  5. Ask the student what things would they say no to today? and why?.

  6. Have the student make a drawing that represents some of those things that they would say no to.

  7. Then, have the student write out the names of those things next to their drawing.

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III. Pat Nixon
Introduction:  Pat Nixon was the wife of former 37th U.S president Richard Nixon. Pat came from humble beginnings, and she worked very hard from an early age to find a better life for her and her siblings.
  • ​The video

  • Pat's Bio attachment


  1. Watch the video about Pat Nixon (use the attachment to go over some of the things in the video).

  2. Create a poster highlighting the different things in her life from early childhood to adulthood.

  3. You can use pictures in the poster, cut-outs, etc.( You can also use your own books, print out material, or search the web to help you learn some more about Pat).

  4. Submit your completed poster about Pat to earn FunBucks.

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IV. Laura Bush
Introduction: Laura Bush is the wife of 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush. She served as first lady from 2001 to 2009. During her time as first lady, Mrs Bush was a strong advocate for education. Being that she was an educator herself, she created a national initiative called "Ready to Read, Ready to Learn", which promoted reading at an early age. 
  • The videos
  • The Laura Bush Bio
  1. Watch the video about Mrs Laura Bush.
  2. You can also read over the bio to learn about her a little bit more.
  3. Watch the How And Why We Read video.
  4. Have a discussion about why it's important to read.
  5. Why do you think Mrs Bush thought it was important for children to read from an early age.
  6. Now it's time to read. Pick a new age appropriate book to read. It can be any book you would like.
  7. Write a small paragraph explaining what your book was about and also explain how this book helped you.
K-2nd grade students:
  1. For younger students, have them watch the Bio video and then the How And Why We Read video (use the bio to teach them a little about Laura).
  2. Explain that Laura was an advocate for education and wanted all children to learn how to read from an early age.
  3. Then, have them pick a book to read, and make a drawing about the story in the book.

Video for older elementary students

Submit your recording and

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Video for younger elementary students

V. Michelle Obama
Introduction: Michelle Obama is the wife of former president Barack Obama. She is a strong advocate for kids health and started the Let's Move Campaign.
  • The videos


  1. Watch your age appropriate video to learn more about the importance of healthy eating, and the Let's Move Campaign that Former First lady Michelle Obama started.

  2. Now its your turn to get up and get moving. 

  3. Create a dance routine of your own or an exercise routine of your own. Be super creative. You can wear funny clothing, exercise clothing, or regular clothing. You can use props. You can add music to the background (music must be appropriate, and can not contain any derogatory remarks, comments, or negative language).

  4. Record your original dance or exercise routine and submit it. 


(Kids can watch video 3 for inspiration and to get an idea of what they can do)


Alternative for K-2nd grade students 

  1. Watch the age appropriate video.

  2. Explain to the student why it's important to eat healthy.

  3. Why it's important to be active.

  4. Let them know that former first lady Michelle Obama started a campaign to help kids stay healthy and be active. 

  5. Tell them the name of the campaign (you might have to explain what a campaign is: work in an organized and active way towards a particular goal, typically a political or social one).

  6. Then explain the activity they must do ( follow steps 3-5  above for the older students).

Video 3