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How to Use the Pre-College Prep Parent Portal

Welcome to Pre-College Prep Parent Portal 101! We have designed our FunCation Academy 101 for Parents blog to provide parent training for our Parent Portal and Hub.

Using our Parent Portal can be a bit of a learning curve because it is actually an in-depth teacher dashboard. The Parent Portal is more than monitoring your student's progress it is providing you the necessary tools to teach without searching for supplemental material. There are only three (3) essential sections in the Parent Portal for homeschoolers, the Learning Path (Knowledge Map & Current Learning Activities), Content Search, and Reports.

Please keep in mind Edmentum caters to public and private school teachers, so all of their programs are designed for their primary customer base. FunCation Academy has created a system around their software to make them homeschool friendly.

Please watch our quick Pre-College Prep Parent Portal 101 video to learn more about How to Use the Parent Portal.

This training video was created by Edmentum with a slight edit from FunCation Academy.

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