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Understanding the Concept of our Pre-College Prep Curriculum.

Edmentum is designed for top public and private schools and is a self-paced curriculum but not a 100% self-taught curriculum. Especially our Pre-College Prep curriculum, Exact Path.

Our Prep-College Prep curriculum is designed to introduce a skill concept to the student and if the student demonstrates an understanding of the concept through the practice and quiz, then they can move forward.

If the student does not demonstrate a mastery level understanding of a skill concept, then the curriculum is designed for the teacher to step in and teach the concept. FunCation Academy has equipped our parent-teachers with the necessary tools to teach a concept when needed through our Resource Hub, Learning Coach support team, and resources within the Parent Portal. Our curriculum empowers every homeschool parent-teacher to have the same tools, resources, and support of their peers in the public and private schools.

Our curriculum is designed to teach your students on a deeper level and to ensure their success. Students will require additional practice both online and offline as they begin learning new concepts. As the teacher, you will have to assign the necessary practice to ensure your student can demonstrate a skill concept to the level of mastery.

Our Pre-College Prep curriculum is a very hands-on teaching curriculum and it can quickly become overwhelming. That is why we provide unlimited support with our Coaching and Admin teams to help everyone adapt to this unique online curriculum.

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