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Mastery Quiz & Progress Check

Our Pre-College Prep curriculum is a mastery-based curriculum, and it requires students to demonstrate two levels of mastery per skill.

The first level of mastery is demonstrated with a Mastery Quiz. The student must score an 80% or higher before they can move on to the next lesson. If the student scores less than 80%, the quiz will lock and the student must redo the lesson in its entirety to unlock the quiz.

The second level of mastery is demonstrated with the Progress Check. The student must score an 80% or higher to move on to the next skill. If the student scores less than 80%, the system will automatically reassign the missed skill at either the current grade level or roll the student back to the previous grade level to allow the student to build on the concept before reintroducing the skill to the student on the original grade level.

The mastery that students must demonstrate is not just limited to their current lesson. The student must show an understanding of the skill up to that grade level. Your student will see questions on their Mastery Quiz and Progress Check that might not have been addressed in the lesson. The reason is that it was covered in a previous lesson and the system is verifying that the student has retained the information and can apply it to a harder concept for that skill.

This process can become frustrating because your student might not have a mastery level of understanding of the previous skill even though they assessed above that skill level. It is ok if your student does not understand the previous skill. The system will automatically assign that skill to the student after their Progress Check.

This curriculum is designed to develop critical thinking skills. The answers are not always going to be simple and easy to identify they will require students to think at a deeper level because many of the answers are not obvious. It is designed this way on purpose to help students prepare for our College Prep curriculum and beyond. Developing your student's critical thinking skills can be tricky, please contact a Learning Coach if you need help.

Please keep in mind that our curriculum is 100% self-paced but not 100% self-taught.(Please read our Understanding the Concept of our Pre-College Prep Curriculum article for more information).

If there is a skill that your student does not understand, please use the tools in your Parent Portal, have your student attend a learning center, or contact a Learning Coach via our FA Coach Connect page to provide additional assistance for your student.

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