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What is The Resource Hub (Navigating and Exploring)

FunCation Academy's Resource Hub is the place where we house all of our services, features, and support. The Hub is our educational system and the way we can provide our members access to our curriculum, live student support, student features, and progress reports for FA3D parents. It is the place where everything comes together in perfect harmony to create an amazing experience for FunCation Academy families. As an Educational Resource company, we are committed to helping the homeschool community succeed in their homeschooling journey.

The Resource Hub is available to our FAPrep parents and students and FA3D parents, and it is a single family account. In the Parent section, you will have access to the following:

Individual Parent Portal (FAPrep)- From your Parent Portal you will be able to monitor your student's progress and determine when intervention is needed as well as print out reports, and access lesson specific resources.

Progress Reports (FA3D) - FA3D parents can request a Curriculum Progress Report at the push of a button. This allows you to monitor your students' online course progress for Math, Reading and Language Arts.

A Step-by-Step guide for FAHub, Tips on Using the Curriculum (click to access)-This is a step-by-step guide to help parents understand how a student should be using the curriculum on a day to day basis. It will help identify when intervention is needed, and what are some of the services and features we offer to help with intervention.

Schedule and access Live Learning Coach sessions- Coaching sessions are available to all student's. Each student receives two free one-on-one sessions per month to help with any academic struggles. Parents can also schedule coaching sessions for themselves to get help with scheduling, finding resources, for help with your student's academic journey, and much more.

Unlimited access to our Learning Centers -Student's can use the center in two different ways. Student's can go to a center to get real-time live help from a learning coach on any subject, lesson, or a specific question on a lesson. The second way is by going to the center to do your daily school work. Students can visit the centers during the scheduled hours and work on their assigned learning path lessons. The coaches will monitor the student's learning path and provide real-time live help if needed.

Themed Student Activities- We've created history, science, and art based activities that students can work on at their own time and submit to earn FunBucks (our in-house currency assigned to students for submitting activities and for participation in clubs).

FunClubs -These are live theme-based clubs where students participate and interact with other students. A staff member monitors all clubs.

FunBank -This is a fictitious bank account created by FunCation Academy for our student's. All students can monitor their earned FunBucks by loggin into their account.

FunShop -This is our FunCation Academy shop where students can go shopping and redeem their earned FunBucks.

Access to our FunBlog-Our FunBlogs are a great way to help parents understand everything that we offer. Please take the time to go through our videos and blogs to help guide you in the getting started journey.

Now that you have joined our family, it is time to do some more exploring.

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