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Live Student Support: How We Can Help

Our Live Support is created to help support students and parents with their academic homeschooling journey. Our Coaching Team provides live support for our students and our parents. Our Coaches are available to help answer academic related questions, academic planning, and overall academic support. Here are the different ways that our coaches can help.

"Ask a Learning Coach" Button

The "Ask a Learning Coach" button in the Resource Hub connects you directly with our Coaching Team. Our direct connect button is a great way to get answers to all of your academic-related questions directly from one of our Learning Coaches typically within 20 minutes during our regular business hours. Just send them a direct message, and one of our coaches will respond to you as soon as they are available. You can ask questions, about a lesson, get teaching tips, request extra resources, ask about your student's learning path, or simply get answers to all curriculum and academic-related questions. We also encourage students to feel free to contact the Coaching Team directly when needed.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

In our live coaching sessions, students will be able to receive live real-time help from a Learning Coach. We suggest scheduling a coaching session if your student is struggling on a current assignment. All students receive two (2) free 20-minute sessions per month. If there are multiple students in a family, any unused sessions can be passed to their sibling during the same month.

Learning Centers

Students can use our Learning Centers in two different ways. First, students can receive real-time help from a coach on any assignment in the main room. Students will also have the opportunity to work with their peers in a small group setting or by themselves with the help of a coach if needed.

Secondly, students are able to use the Learning Centers to work on their daily schoolwork. When the student enters the center, they will have to let the coach know if they are there to get help with a lesson, or if they are there to do their schoolwork. The students that are working on their daily schoolwork will be monitored and guided by a coach. If intervention is needed, the coach will then help the student by providing real-time explanation and examples and/or providing additional intervention material.

Parent Support

It is important that parents receive the same amount of support as our students, which is why our Learning Coaches are also available for our parents. Parents can utilize a Parent Coaching Session to speak with a coach one-on-one for advice, tips, recommendations, and overall support regarding their student's academic homeschooling journey.


Another one of the unique features of FunCation Academy is our Coaching Team grading. Coaches grade all student writing assignments and provides detailed feedback. Students are given an opportunity to make corrections and resubmit for a final grade. If the coach believes that more intervention is needed, a one-on-one coaching session can be scheduled.

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