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New Member: Tips on Using the Parent Portal

The Parent Portal can be overwhelming when you first see it but don't be discouraged! It is a lot easier than it seems. Once you have logged in to our Resource Hub and explored, you can now access your Parent Portal.

The portal is where parents/teachers go to monitor their student's curriculum progress and to access the many lessons related resources available to help your student when they are struggling or to extend the lessons that are currently assigned.

To access the portal via the Resource Hub, click on the Parent Section button and next you will see the Parent Menu. Next, select the "Access Parent Portal" button. You will be prompted to enter your individual Parent Login information. Below you will find the necessary areas to views in the portal to monitor your students progress. Once you are logged in, please follow these simple steps to navigate through the portal.


Once you are logged in to the portal the first page you will see is your notifications page. This page is used to alert the parents when their student is struggling and intervention is needed. Please do not be discouraged when you see a failed or struggling alert message, as this is part of the learning process and students will work through it. Think of it more as a quick way to identify when intervention is needed.

Learning Activities

To access the learning activities, please select one of the three subjects located near the top of the page. Next, choose Learning Activities. In the Learning Activities, you will be able to view the current lesson skill modules that are assigned to your student (rectangular colored boxes). You will be able to see if the student is practicing, struggling, or completed the lesson. You can click on the boxes preview your student's lessons, practice, and mastery quiz. You can also view lesson specific resource (more information below).

Lesson Specific Resources

Once the pop-up window opens at the bottom of the page, on the left-hand side, you will be able to select Resources to view all of the resources available for you to use for that particular lesson skill module. Every lesson skill module is different, and therefore the system offers different resources. You will see videos, worksheets, Study Island suggestions, and lesson ideas. We highly recommend using these tools when a student is struggling.

(If your student is struggling, please use the PDF Tips on Using the Curriculum, to help guide you on the steps you should be taking to help your student).

Knowledge Map

To access this section, simply scroll up to the top menu bar and select Learning Paths, then Knowledge Map. In the Knowledge Map, you will have a birds-eye-view of your student's progress. You will be able to see the skills they will be working on, mastered, struggling with, and failed. You can click on any of the boxes with icons to view the lesson skill module and the student's work. The boxes with the stripes are the skills the student assessed above during their initial assessment.


Our curriculum offers a variety of reports you can use to monitor your student's progress. We recommend The Learning Path Progress Report to receive detailed information on your student's progress. You can access this report by clicking on Reports on the top of the menu bar and then selecting Skills Report. Next, choose path Learning Path Progress. All of the reports are printable or can be saved as a PDF.

Now that you have a better idea of how to use your parent portal, it's time to explore!

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