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Our Fun Features At a Glance: Activities, Clubs, and Rewards

FunCation Academy is always looking for fun and interactive ways to keep our students engaged while learning. This is why we created our Student Activities, FunRewards Program, FunClubs, and FunBuck Challenges. All of student engagement features are included in your membership at no additional cost.

Student Activities

We create monthly themed-based history, science, and art activities for our students. Each theme has about 5-7 separate activities that students can work on at their own pace. Simply follow the steps of each activity and submit their completed work.

Once a staff member verifies the completion of the activity, the student will be given credit for completion through our FunRewards Program. There is no time limit or requirement on when the student activities need to be completed. All activities can be worked on individually or as a family if multiple family members wish to participate.

We also provide our students with monthly FunBuck Challenges, as well as music challenges, unlimited book report submissions, and much more. We are always looking for new and fun ways to keep our kids engaged and learning.

FunRewards Program

Our FunRewards Program was created to reward students for completing activities, participating in contests and challenges, and FunClubs. Students will earn a designated FunBuck(fake student money) amount for the activity they are completing or for participation. They will be able to monitor their FunBucks through their personal online FunBank account.

All students will have individual logins, which will be provided once the student submits their first activity or attends their 1st FunClub. Students will be able to redeem their FunBucks for cool, real prizes in our FunShop(online store). All prizes are from Amazon.com and are delivered to your front door at no additional cost to you.


Our online FunClubs are interactive, live interest-based clubs. All students are welcome to participate and can join any of the scheduled FunClubs.

Students will have the opportunity to interact with peers and collaborate on varies activities. FunBucks are given at the end of each clubs for participation. Some activities require submission of the completed activity to receive FunBucks for participation. All submissions are made via the Resource Hub's Student Submission button.

FunBuck Challenges

We create quarterly FunBuck Challenges to allow students to challenge themselves with a mini project or activity.

All activities are to be done on your own time and can be worked on individually or as a family.

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