Summer of Fun

Join us for our Summer of Fun Offline Activities! 

Every Monday, we will update our weekly announcements, and students can also view our current activity and/or FunBuck Challenge for the day.  Students need to submit all activities by their due date using the Submission button below. 

Stay in the loop and read our weekly announcements.

Weekly Announcements 

Every Monday at 2 pm est., we will post this weeks case. Students will have until the next mystery is posted to submit their solution and earn $ 5 FunBucks. 

The link for the students to submit their solution in on the page of the mystery.

Can you Solve the Case?

Throughout the summer, we will post different FunBuck Challenges! Each challenge is an offline activity that must be submitted by the deadline.


FunBuck Challenges will only be available at center times. If you click the button and nothing opens, that means the challenge has not begun or has ended.  

FunBuck Challenges

Every Thursday at 11 am est., we will post this weeks art video. Students will earn $5 FunBucks for completing the artwork and submitting it no later than Wednesday at midnight est.  

Art Club

Students can view other activities, participate in student exchange activities, etc.

Other Activities 

Participate in our Summer Science Challenge and earn $5 FunBucks.

Summer Science Challenge

We are currently working on Step 4- Brainstorming.

If your student has not submitted their Insightful Questions yet, click the button to fill out the form. 

This summer we are guiding the students through the project development process as they complete their Summer Project


We meet every Tuesday at 2 pm est, in our Collab Virtual Classroom to walk them through the next step. 

If your student misses the live class on Tuesday, they can pop in the Collab Classroom to watch the recording of that live class.

Students can earn $15 FunBucks for completing all of the steps and their final project.

Summer Project

Join us on Tuesdays @ 2 pm est., for the Summer Project and Wednesday @ 2 pm est., to learn more about our Student Engagement Activities.

Virtual Collab Classroom

Join our Lego Challenge every Friday @ 11 am est. 

Lego Madness